Thanks for stopping in, my name is Jim!

I graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor’s in Meteorology in Spring of 2016. I am looking forward to being able to apply my experience and education to forecast weather for my future employer, whoever it may be.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings, stop by again and never be afraid to leave me a comment to agree, disagree, or argue with them!


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  1. Juli Berwald says:

    Hi Jim,

    Your website is really impressive. Your analysis of Hurricane Sandy is particularly interesting and comprehensive. I have a strange question about that storm that I hope will pique your interest. I was in the Sea of Japan on October 21st and then the Ariake Sea on the 22nd, and I flew over the Bering Sea on October 23rd. In all three places I experienced a very strong front – high seas/a lot of turbulence. Could that front be related in any way to cold front that pushed in to Hurricane Sandy? Is there anyway to track a front from Japan to the US?

    Juli Berwald

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