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8/31/16: TD 9 Trying to get it Together; Madeline a Threat to Hawaii

The thoughts in this post are mine and are not considered official. Official forecasts can be found at: (Hurricane Center) (National Weather Service) (Central Pacific Hurricane Center) Hurricane Madeline is tracking towards Hawaii as a hurricane. The … Continue reading


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8/29/2016: Two Tropical Depressions Near the U.S. Coast

As is always the case with tropical cyclones near the US, the following disclaimer is needed: Although I’m a meteorologist, I’m not the official source for hurricane information. Follow the National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service at: and … Continue reading

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8/25/16: Surprise Tornado Outbreak Ravages Indiana, Western Ohio

The preliminary storm reports compiled by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) for Wednesday afternoon and evening depict quite a story: an extremely high concentration of tornado reports from northwest of Indianapolis through the Fort Wayne area all the way to … Continue reading

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8/22/16: Three Tropical Systems to Watch in Atlantic

We have three tropical systems in the Atlantic Ocean right now; two of them are designated tropical cyclones (Tropical Depression Fiona and Tropical Storm Gaston), one of them is still not designated (Invest 99L), and only one may have an … Continue reading

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8/19/2016: Atlantic Beginning to Heat Up

It’s mid-August and the heart of Atlantic hurricane season is quickly approaching; almost as if on que, we have a tropical storm (Fiona) in the central Atlantic, with another tropical wave behind it (designated “Invest 99L”) that is being monitored … Continue reading

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